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About Alpha

Alpha Security Systems was established in Nashville, TN in 2005 by Michael Christina. Michael believed with his 33 years of installing experience he could provide better, more personalized, and more affordable security to his customers than the large corporate security chains are capable of offering. Now, 19 years later, Michael is still providing the excellent service upon which his company was founded.

Taking note of the current trends in burglaries, Michael Christina and Alpha Security Systems have found that the vast majority of alarm systems are not sufficient. Therefore, we design our systems and plan our installations to be much more effective than the typical security system. Mindlessly performing installations the same way day after day just does not cut it anymore. Alpha understands that people, places, and things change, and unless we change with them, we will never find ourselves on top.

In the words of Thomas Watson, "To be a successful company, you have to look and act like one!"

Immediate Response

There is a worrying trend among current alarm system equipment and monitoring companies about which you may not be aware.

Many residential and commercial alarm systems installed by our competitors are programmed with a 30-second delay. This means if your alarm system is disabled within 30 seconds of activation, the alarm monitoring center is never notified about the alarm! The police are not called because as far the monitoring center knows, the alarm was never even activated!

In addition, some alarm monitoring companies will not call the police if the alarm is disabled within 30 seconds of activation. There are many scenarios where this could be incredibly dangerous, for example, if you are forced to enter your code against your will.

Many alarm systems made today can be disabled physically by an intruder within seconds, causing the alarm to stop signalling the monitoring station, or to never signal them in the first place. In these inferior systems, the entire alarm system is contained inside of the key panel. Unfortunately, this represents the majority of systems installed by our competitors.

These practices and designs were invented by alarm system companies because false alarms cost monitoring centers and security companies money. At Alpha Security Systems, we believe this is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of our customers. That's why our home and business security systems are programmed with no delay. In the event of an intrusion, our alarms call our monitoring station immediately.

We're Different

When it comes to home and business security, there is not a one size fits all. We believe that each system should be custom-fitted to the homeowners needs. Some companies take shortcuts that, in the event of an alarm, could put the homeowner in serious danger. Alpha Security Systems goes the extra mile during and after installations to ensure our customer’s safety.

Alpha Security Systems offers three popular packages which can be altered to fit each individual’s needs. We feature product lines which are second to none in home security. Any security system is only as good as its design and, more importantly, its installation. Alpha Security wants you to know, we put our customer’s needs first and expect to earn your confidence and your loyalty for generations to come.

Nashville Operated

Alpha Security Systems is family owned and locally operated. We provide quality home and business security throughout Nashville, TN and the Middle Tennessee area.

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Other areas may be eligible for service. Please contact us at 615-831-2021 to find out if your area is eligible!

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